Best Baby Strollers for Infant and Toddler 2017

best Baby Stroller Reviews 2017 – Top Rated Strollers for Infant and Toddler

Different Types of StrollersWhen you take your baby shopping or to the park or the zoo, just remember that, your baby’s comfort should always remain as your topmost priority. The mode of transport has to fulfill all criteria such as safety, comfort, style, and convenience. Your baby deserves all this and more. You should buy a baby stroller that can still accommodate your baby even as time passes as well as the baby grows out of her/his clothes however not your stroller. Beauty dies as time passes by, but a sturdy and good baby stroller can stand the test of time. After much deliberation, a decision will be better.

Everyone has different priorities and needs when it comes to finding their own stroller. Some want a baby stroller which can accommodate more than one baby, others just need a stroller that accommodates one baby. Don’t worry, there are various strollers available in the market to satisfy your needs. Parents have a lot of choice in different sizes and shapes in my blog. It is a must buy when you have your own baby even she/he has learned to walk.

If you didn’t acquire the knowledge and experience on choosing a stroller, it will become extremely hard to choose a baby stroller that proves to be the best one for you. Such an easy thing can be turned into a really hard choice because of various factors

Some Help Here on Buying Your Own Baby Strollers

To  assist you in this mission, we present this guide with a lot of useful information. All aspects will be tackled one by one. There are different types of strollers presented here to meet your needs.  According to your needs, you can select cheap or expensive one.

All in all, you can acquire a lot of information from these baby stroller reviews to help you on buying baby strollers, which have all the comfort for your baby. You will surely be equipped with enough knowledge regarding strollers. If you have any questions you can contact us in time and we will present more information you are looking for. Anyway, according to budget, needs to select the best stroller. Below you can acquire detailed information including type, size, sharp etc.

Baby Stroller Types

Stroller companies have manufactured various type of strollers to meet different needs and requirements. So when you are going to shopping for a perfect stroller, what you to do first is to figure out what type of stroller you really want to get. As soon as you have it nailed down, now it simply comes down to building a list of strollers you want and picking a stroller based on personal preference and needs.

Then, you may ask, how many different strollers types available in the market? A lot, but it comes down to five choices you should look at: standard, lightweight, jogging, travel system and double. We build some comparison charts for these types of stroller refer to customer reviews to present the different features for you. Now, let’s start off with the best lightweight strollers.

Umbrella Strollers and Lightweight Strollers

Being a mom/dad is not only a happy experience but also is the hardest job in the world. Parents should prepare everything well for their baby include baby diapers, powdered milk, clothes etc, surely, a stroller is also a must-buy for keeping babies comfortable on the go. Most strollers are known as the umbrella strollers in this range, because they come with the rounded handles in fact like an umbrella and they fold up. At some point, the stroller’s weight will always be your topmost priority. They fold up more compact compared to other models and weighting in 15 lbs or less, which are also lighter than other types.

What Are the Benefits of Lightweight Strollers

You might own a storage area under the stroller’s seat, however it perhaps won’t be easy to get to. These types of strollers also are good to keep in your car always. You might also own a small compartment to hold your keys.

Some moms have a habit of hanging the baby’s diaper bay on the handles, I suggest you should be very careful with your umbrella stroller, they may be tip over quite easily because they are quite light. You couldn’t do that on your lightweight stroller until your son is over 20 lbs. As well, you should have a habit of taking your diaper off once you want to take your baby out of the stroller. I believe you don’t hope your stroller will flip over.

Umbrella Stroller Usage

Just as a saying goes, every coin has two sides. Even with so many faults, they still can play the part in a few situations plus most are quite inexpensive. They are certainly the way to go if you are short on space and travel a lot. You can also get a lightweight stroller with more features as soon as you pay more. They can be your main stroller since they are so quite nice. I also bought a lightweight stroller for my baby as my one of main strollers and I also bought a jogging stroller for rough terrain on the go.

Standard Baby Strollers

There is no doubt that standard baby strollers have the full features, which can satisfy your different needs. At some point, either a travel stroller or a standard stroller will be a must buy for most families. As the common strollers, you will look at them everywhere including department store, zoon, park etc. It is always the type of stroller where there are the biggest selection, biggest price range and most features for you.

Each single characteristic and feature of the baby stroller definitely varies from each model. This is very a wide-open category to choose. These are heavier than all the umbrella strollers, most weighting in from 20 to 30+ lbs. Some of standard stroller are being made with the aluminum frames now, which is helpful to reduce the stroller’s weight.

Usually these strollers take up around 2 to 3 times more room than a typical umbrella stroller when folded up. Unfolded, these standard strollers usually are about 50% bigger. Of course, Usually it is not an issue without effect on usability. It actually is more stable because of its bigger size, so even you have a habit of handing the diaper bag on the back, It actually has no effect on usability. Usually they come with better wheels as well as suspension, hence parents will own a smoother ride when operate it.

What More Features Can I Tell You About the Standard Strollers

Of course, as far as other features go, they include more standard items you will like, especially for nice storage compartment which are usually easy to access. These strollers usually come with a child’s tray which can hold a cup or snacks, along with some parent’s tray which can hold a number of cups as well as a storage compartment.

These strollers should a canopy to shade the seat and likely moves backward or forward. As far as the seat, possibly to an pretty much flat position. They should also come with a great weight capacity, possibly 40 to 50 lbs.

Double Strollers

If you have multiple children you surely should looking for a double stroller that meets your needs. Some options and advice here when it comes to the double strollers for you.

As the name suggests, Double strollers usually are going to be bigger than standard strollers. So they require more trunk room. Anyway, for your children, they still a good option.

You have a few types of double strollers to select and different types meet different needs. These types of double strollers include the tandem, side-by-side and the sit-and stand. The tandem strollers can place a child in front of another child, which are good to those who have two children of different ages. If you own two children near the same age then the side-by-side strollers are the best option for you. On some double strollers, you can lock a car seat in the one of the seats. On other double strollers, the rear seat can fold almost flat to keep your infant sleeping safe and comfy.

Sit and Stand Strollers

If you have an active toddler and an infant then a sit-and-stand model is the best option to choose. With these strollers, there is a bench to sit on and a platform to stand on for toddler, and an infant can stay in the seat or in a car seat that has been latched in. If you want to buy a jogging stroller, there are a few double jogging strollers available online.

Let’s go on talking travel systems below.

Travel Systems with Car Seat

Investing in a travel system is also good for most of parents. These stroller usually come in a bundle with a car seat and it can easily move your child from the stroller to a car and back again. While you have placed your child in the car seat, just carry her/him out to your car and it easily snaps into the base. You also can easily pull the stroller out then unfold it then unlatch the car seat then lock it into your stroller.


As time passes, you can place her or him in the stroller directly as soon as you child gets a little older. These full size baby strollers usually have similar features, such as cup holders, trays, canopies and storage area.

Of course, these strollers take up around 25% to 50% trunk space of the car than an umbrella stroller but they can fold up pretty easily. They usually aren’t really as nice as standard strollers.

Jogging Strollers

Often time, All-Terrain strollers and jogging strollers are lumped into the same category. I believe you really want to hit the ground running with your child. Now let’s get into their features. When we talk about the jogging strollers, we all know the most jogging strollers are heavy (weight in at over 25 lbs) and big. They take up much more space than a full size baby stroller and come with bigger wheels. They usually take up as much as a doubt stroller. So you will have a workout of taking your stroller out and putting it in your car.

What’s More About Jogging Strollers?

These strollers are really versatile and you can take them to everywhere such as mountains, beach. They usually have big wheels for uneven surfaces.

They usually have a great canopy to help prevent rain, sunlight and wind from bothering your child, along with the roomy seats. Parent also can use the tray on the stroller to hold a cell phone, keys and water bottles. Most strollers also come with a tray for your children.

You should look at an important feature on front wheel, most models usually have a good suspension system. You might never know how important a locking front wheel is before using it. If you lock the wheel, it becomes smoother riding and the bounce will go away.

What to Consider if You Are Going to Buy a Baby Stroller?

As far as more information about baby stroller, it is rather obvious that everyone has his/her own needs and favorite features. What seems awesome for a person may not be acceptable to another people. So, here offer as many options to accommodate everyone with different needs and budgets. Make sure to look at the following when shopping for a baby stroller.

Types of Baby Stroller

Your number of children and lifestyle directly affect your buying decision. Someone will always be on the move, so it is ideal to choose a baby stroller as well as car seat combo. If you are the fitness oriented, active people, so be sure to choose a jogging stroller. You also can buy a double or triple one if you have more than one child.

Extra Features of Baby Stroller

Someone is always taking baby on the move along with a lot of stuff, so they should require a roomy basket on the stroller, they have to need a big tray to stuff their eatables. Possibly they also need an extra-large canopy. It should come with all the accessories you will need. More extra features you will find out after buying them.

Usage and Comfort of Strollers

What’s your style of usage? Active type or not? If you often visit various types of terrain daily with your child, then you need a durable and versatile baby stroller that surely can last for the long-term. If you are not the active type, a general lightweight stroller would be a better option.


You also want your child comfortable wherever you go. A good stroller can absorb the nasty shocks on the rough roads. It should have a recline seat to sleep well for your baby. Plus a big canopy is a necessary accessory to prevent child from elements.

Warranty of Stroller

You should look at a long term warranty if you are going to buy a baby stroller.

How is a Baby Stroller Manufactured

If you want know what the basics of a baby stroller are, I will start by breaking with them. For the safety and health reasons, their construction is surely in accordance with strictly relevant standards. They adhere to the safety standards that make children comfortable and safe. There are several big brands of stroller you want to know, such as Joovy, Britax, BOB and the like, they have wined many customer’s vigorously support and trust with their find quality and good prestige. Besides big brands, some new brands also provide good quality and comply with the safety standards, they are less expensive and also functional. They are grouped in the cheap strollers. Although they are less well known in general but they still be worth to buy sometimes.

Wheels of the Stroller

Without the doubt, wheels are surely the most vital component as they move the stroller. With locking features, better quality tread, bigger wheels, then it you will get smoother riding and the bounce will go away. Some parents love their all-terrain stroller with inflatable wheels if they live in a historic district with cobblestone streets.

Under Carriage of Storage

It is worthwhile to get the under carriage for some parents. Its convenient to store thing which need easy access to but don’t always use. Some items such as sunscreen, wet weather protection, blankets etc.

Folding System

Folding is a big deal if you will take your baby stroller out and in of the car frequently. The better the design, the convenient you stroller is to fold down for transport or storage.

Pushing Bar

Selecting a good pushing bar is a big deal as you don’t want your pushing bar to disintegrate, so foam pushing bar is not a good option. The handle should be durable and comfortable when holding it.


It is essential to have brakes on the wheels in the case of without a hand brake. In fact, there is nothing worse than being on the incline as you have to hold the stroller all the time.

Seat and Seat Adjustment

This function is debatable and it totally depends on whether you own a infant or not. Most toddlers like to be upright for a long period of time, while obviously newborn infant like to sleep as well as be horizontal from time to time, then be upright sometimes. Look into the specifications to determine whether you want to buy or not.

Seat Belt

Another important factor to look at, Make sure they comply with the regulations.

Prevent Your Child from Getting A Cold

Don’t forget to take your umbrella in case it rains. Almost everyone got caught in the rain. When you take child out of house, wet weather protection is a must to prevent your child from getting a code, and your stroller from getting badly wet.


It is a good idea that a stroller has a larger hood to keep the sun out of your children eyes. There is a plenty of strollers with hood to choose from.

Our advice for Best Strollers

There are different types of stroller catering for needs for every mom. So I have acquired plenty of information of models, brands, features etc and give some advice here. Some practical features of strollers people typically likes is as follows.

Single Carry Strollers for Parent with One Child

If you have more than one child then you definitely need to purchase a double or even a triple stroller. Parents with one child should buy a single stroller as they are usually lighter in weight, and easier get out and in of your car, easier to manoeuvre at a small place, manageable while going down stairs even everywhere and the lists goes on. You can get a better deal because there are a big range to choose from.

Tree-Wheel Strollers

Having the front wheel on the stroller as a single wheel instead of two wheels usually is less resistance while moving, as well as most of strollers come with larger wheel too. These strollers are usually known as the jogging style strollers. If you will have to get in some power running and walking with your child so choosing a jogging stroller is the best option.

How to choose and purchase a Best Baby Stroller?

A stroller is a compulsory item for families with kids. You just take your baby to walk while holding them in your hands. It is possible for sometimes but not all the time, so every parent should strive to make their child comfortable with a best baby stroller whenever she/he is out. You can find a variety of strollers with different features you should evaluate and compare, as well as the downsides and pros in them.

Following Points You Should Look at When Purchasing a Baby Stroller

What kind of a stroller you need that depends on the number of children you have. If you only have one child then the single stroller is the best option for you, or double and triple stroller to consider. They are all in different styles, features and designs.

Some basic features you should consider, such as headrest, footrest, canopy, strap, harness system and the safety features.

You should look at another big thing which is the compatibility of the stroller with an good infant car seat. Additionally, some strollers have the adaptors to connect a infant car seat.

Convenience is another important factor to consider when buying such products. Some parents prefer to a lightweight stroller for easily packing up and moving around. Furthermore, a lightweight stroller has a compact size so it can be easy to store both in your house and car. A cup holder tray is another good feature, as well as the storage basket.

To make a wise decision, reading more stroller reviews and the comparison table from my blog. Everyone want to buy a baby stroller which is cost effective. Selecting the best baby stroller for you or you will cost more in the long run. I think you can find out some good information here.


Parent should be equipped with skills that allow them to compare, research and analyze products. This will allow them to make the right decision when choosing a baby stroller. If they have these skills, they will rarely make a mistake when buying a baby stroller. Here are some reviews and a buying guide that you are sure to enjoy reading. In our work we must distinguish our priorities, you also should consider the priorities once you will buy a baby stroller. Additionally consider think about what is to come someday. If you want to raise more than one child, then you should consider buying a double stroller or a triple stroller. This is where you would find your favorite stroller for all errands and tasks if you have the more exhaustive researches. Good luck.