Best Baby Strollers for Infant and Toddler 2017

Best Umbrella Strollers 2017 – Top Rated Lightweight Stroller Reviews

It is what being a parent is all about – those precious moments with our children that fill us with pride and excitement for their future. Also, the parents and most particularly the moms will spend most of time and energy in shopping various products for baby. Here a tip, before you go shopping, you can jot down a list of things which you want to buy. The most particularly the stroller is a must buy that none of the moms could ever afford to miss. initially the most of moms plan to buy the most feature enriched baby stroller that will provide them with maximum productivity. These is nothing in intrinsically wrong with this idea, but with time, you will realize that this type of strollers are actually bulky, as well as not convenient at all to operate, especially when you are on the move. Sometimes a convenient and lightweight stroller with a number of helpful features is the best option for parents.

Umbrella Strollers and Lightweight Strollers

Why the umbrella strollers are known as this name? as you can close and open up them easily like an umbrella. Why they are light in weight? as they are made from a quite sturdy and lightweight frame and the material of the frame is usually the aluminum. Compared with traditional steel material, aluminum alloy material has more less density, higher specific strength and well corrosion resistance. Apart from this feature, lightweight and comfortable fabric are usually used on such strollers to keep them sturdy and comfortable at the same time. They are usually compact and they also have the ability to fold up then it can be easily taken in hand by you wherever you go.

Top 5 Best Umbrella and Lightweight Strollers

Mountain Buggy Nano Stroller

  • Mountain Buggy Nano Stroller

    This is a good lightweight stroller. With this stroller, it already has the additional adapters ready such as an infant car seat.

  • It is 22 inches wide, while being 13 lbs in weight, which are quite small number compared to other types of strollers.
  • It can be shrunk a unimaginable size while folded up because it is an ultra-compact one, which is really easy to storage and transport.
  • It proved great in the long run as it can perfectly accommodate a maximum 44 lbs weight.

Some parents may want to buy something bigger for long term to use later. However this type of stroller can prove great in most case. If you did use it, you would find out that it is very safe because of its innovative size and weight that let you rest easy. In fact you will get nothing short of excellence, premium quality and refined style. It will be a exciting buying experience.

Chicco Capri Lightweight Stroller

This is another good lightweight stroller that weighs 11 pounds. You will surely be surprised as to the performance and power of the Chico Capri Stroller.

Chicco Capri Lightweight Stroller

  • This stroller is good and makes each ride comfortable and smooth with the front wheel suspension. It is a rugged design.
  • You can get a lot of features from this stroller minus the bulky look and heavy weight.
  • With its basket, you can take whatever you want from towels and bottles and place them in the basket.
  • It comes with adjustable and removable canopy to prove its versatility, and the canopy can be used to protect parent’s child from the cold and heat at night or day.
  • Furthermore, apart from above features, the two-position reclining seat provides you child with a better option when on the ride. The five-point harness gives the child maximum protection and minimize the injury. Simply use the carry bag to place the stroller in after each use.

Chicco C6 Stroller

C6 stroller is another lightweight stroller as to its weight and size.Chicco C6 Stroller

  • A multi position reclining seat gives the child a better ride whether in long or short run.
  • With its 11-pound weight, you can carry as much as a 37 pounds child.
  • As compared to some other strollers, C6 Stroller comes with larger and rounder canopy, which has the maximum protection for your baby from wind, cold and heat.
  • The five point harness is built to give your child the maximum protection for the head, neck and spine.
  • You can lock the front wheel to prove safe and comfortable while on the ride.

A big hit in the world, you will receive nothing short of premium quality, excellence and refined style. It comes with a fashionable carry strap and bag that allow you take your stroller everywhere in style.

Kolcraft Clound Plus Lightweight Stroller

As compared to other types of strollers, another advantage to this lightweight stroller is that it is more economical than the regular/full strollers. It is likewise designed with versatility for optimum performance as a travel-friendly model.Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight Stroller

  • Comfort and safety are the top priorities for this stroller.
  • It is made of polyester and steel so it is just 12 lbs in weight along with multi-position seat accommodating as much as a 50 pounds child.
  • It has the three tier canopy that prevent the child’s skin from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet(UV) rays whenever they’re outdoors.
  • The stroller is designed with all-terrain wheels to keep the ride smooth and easier to maneuver.
  • You can save some space while you fold up it and easily move the stroller into the car or upstairs.
  • Parent and child have two pairs of cup holders ready to use.

Summer Infant 3D Lite Convenience Stroller

Aside from above lightweight strollers, it will be a relatively complete list with this Summer Infant 3D Lite Convenience Stroller.Summer Infant 3Dlite Convenience Stroller

  • With its adjustable canopy, it has the better coverage against the ultraviolet(UV) rays at day.
  • With its 12 lbs weight and advanced air light aluminum frame, you can make your child safe and comfortable while on the ride.
  • Aside from its durability, It features the five point harness to prevent possible injury for child.
  • With a multi-position reclining seat, you can even extend to almost flat that your child can relax or take a nap.
  • It features the carry strap to easily transport in style.
  • It features a large basket for child who need the essentials, along with a rear storage pocket to hold phone, money , keys etc.

Why Purchase an Umbrella Stroller?

There is no reason whatsoever to turn down this type of stroller. The best thing of umbrella stroller is their portability and lightweight. While they fold up, it take typically quite little space, therefore you can easily place your stroller into the trunk of the car. With its light weight, you can easily carry it here and there without straining yourself to lug it. You can easily maneuver them because they are typically smaller than the bulky counterparts and likewise turn in the tight space conveniently. Most of this type of strollers are forward facing hence your kid will always know what’s going on so less likely to be bored. Furthermore, the umbrella strollers are typically more economical than other types of strollers. Based on these features, you should know why the umbrella stroller is a better option sometimes. Surely it all depends on your personal circumstances.

Benefits of Umbrella Strollers and Lightweight Strollers

They feature the comfortable seating space, ergonomic handles and a reasonably resourceful storage space.

No matter wherever you are and whenever you use, you can easily fold up, carry and manage them, very convenience.

These umbrella strollers typically have the sunshades, which is quite useful for occupant who is in the open on a bright and sunny day.

As compared to other types of strollers, these models typically far cheaper but still have great life span. Most of parents can afford the price.

You will be getting all the convenience because of the compact design while you are shopping in very busy shopping centers.

How to figure out the Best Lightweight Strollers and Umbrella Strollers

There are some things to consider in determining the best lightweight stroller and umbrella stroller for you child. These features without any doubt inspire the parents and you can find some given points below.

Brand of Umbrella Stroller

The best one matter is to check the brand before buying it. There are various brands available in the market and all of them are offering their individual model. A brand that offers a proven track record of delivering quality products, which can influence your choice, especially while you carry out a deep researching on different strollers mainly on the basis of brand. Some parents don’t want to opt for a stroller from unknown brand, but if you have a small budget, sometimes some quality strollers from unknown brand are the best option.

Umbrella Stroller’s Safety Features

There is no reason whatsoever to turn down the totally safe products, especially for the stroller, as you often need to carry around it from one to another point. Belt, locking and the brake mechanism are essential which is associated with the necessarily safety of the child. Parent should right next to their stroller whenever their child is inside because it is lightweight.

Canopies and the Storage Space

Some additional features include the amount of the storage space and the extended canopies, which are associated with the convenience of parents and child. The most convenience and the utility are top priorities for parent to consider.

Types of Umbrella Stroller

You will see various strollers available in the market in terms of the colors and designs. A good brand means not only a good quality but also a service and a reliable market reputation. You can get the best stroller which will be comfortable and equally soothing your eyes as well. There are many designs and colors available which will definitely mesmerize you. As parents we have a responsibility to give our children a best lightweight and umbrella stroller that ensures the child’s comfortable and safe no matter wherever you are.

Umbrella Strollers Price

Some parents tend to buy cheap stroller but you should ensure its quality. Today there is a lot of choice for parents looking for a suitable stroller for their baby at an affordable price. Some parents tend to buy expensive stroller. Either way, looking for the best one in terms of the price and needs is a happy thing.

Durable of Umbrella Strollers

Durable is a critical feature you should look at it. If the umbrella stroller can grow with your baby’s need. A durable stroller would last as long as the kid needs it. Read more reviews to find the best one.

More Points to Think About in Determining the Best Umbrella Stroller

More Factors to think about in selecting a umbrella stroller.

Keep Kid’s Age in Mind

I have to point out that you should pay attention to the weight limits of the umbrella strollers. Most strollers are designed for toddlers instead of designing for newborn babies. So keep in mind the age of your baby.

Size of the Stroller

Stroller comes in numerous sizes and sharps. Keep in mind that if you just have a small compact car, so you have to get one which will be able to easily fit in the trunk of your car. Otherwise you can purposefully buy a roomy car for your child and the stroller. In addition to this, if you actually have trouble lifting a heavy stroller, then a lightweight stroller is a better option for you. A smaller wheel base car will surely give you an easier operation overall.

Purpose of the Stroller

Consider where and how you will be using your stroller. Sometimes you maybe plan on taking your baby to the park or some other outdoor environments, so you should think about purchasing a baby stroller with larger wheels, the one with the small wheels is not your choice. As you surely don’t want to stop every few seconds since the stroller wheels may get stuck in small pebbles and small rocks. It would become dangerous to your child if your stroller get stuck on the rocks and pebbles as it will cause to abrupt stop. The weather is quite changeable sometimes, so weather is another important factor to consider in determining the best stroller. Some of the models have the ability to attach the cover to prevent your kid from wind, snow and rain. Sometimes the weather will be the biggest hurdle so you have to be ready.

Based on these above information, you should realise that it is going to take some times do your homework if you want to have a satisfied purchase. It will be well worth you time to do that as you end up don’t want to purchase the one which you don’t like and is stressful to use. A good stroller will mesmerize your heart.

Umbrella Stroller Safety

Parents must have ultimate responsibility for their children’s safety, so the below points you should consider when buying a baby stroller.

Stroller Seat

Nothing is more important than the comfort of your kid, so the first feature you have to start thinking about while buying the best umbrella stroller is your stroller’s seat. If your kid needs to be in the stroller for much long, then you must ensure that the stroller’s padding is comfortable, and its fabric should be washable and soft as it will get dirty sometimes. Likewise, the second feature you should consider is the five point safety harness. There are a number of brands with these features available in the market so you are free to pick one based on your budget and preferences.

Canopy of Stroller

Canopy is a must-have for all seasons, this stuff is responsible for protecting the child against the dangerous rays of the sun when you are in the open. You should don’t have trouble cleaning the retracted and removable canopy.

Stroller Storage

The another useful feature that you can use it to place some stuff of your baby such as bibs, wipes, diapers and many more is the storage, making sure it is easy to access before buying it and must be roomy as well as easy to reach if the seat is reclining.


Parents are responsible for buying the best umbrella stroller for your child based on the preferences. You should consider the right type and the size of wheels. In looking for the best umbrella stroller, you will take note that there are three types of stroller wheels available, along with different features on each of them.

Weight Capacity of the Umbrella Stroller

In searching for the ideal umbrella stroller for the kid, you have to take note the weight capacity of the stroller before buying it. Take note the maximum weight capacity first. If you have more than one child, you will take note that there are a number of double umbrella strollers to choose. Don’t quickly make the final decision if you don’t find the best one that satisfys your needs and preferences.

Based on the above information, you should have got to know the umbrella stroller a little bit. You should have ability to make general judgment about how to look for an umbrella stroller for your child. Likewise, you may want to read the product reviews one by one then making final decision.


With the best umbrella stroller, as a first time parents you will find it easy to handle and very practicable!! It will be a very good investment which I think you will enjoy its benefits to all by kids. With the lightweight stroller, you not only find it easy to fit in a small car but also good for kids and toddlers who can keep seated in a simple stroller. Furthermore, they are quite easy in handling while on the ride. Don’t hesitate about your decision once you think it over.